Sex Offender Notification, Enforcement & Tracking (SONET)

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The Mesa Police Department's Sex Offender Notification Enforcement and Tracking Team (SONET) is designed with some of the philosophies, which are instilled and practiced with the department, along with new and innovative approaches proven successful at the Mesa Family Advocacy Center.

The Mesa Police SONET Unit consists of three detectives. The name of the team indicates the multi-faceted job responsibilities involved in managing sex offenders who reside within our communities. Notification is an essential responsibility. On June 1, 1996, legislation was enacted to address this community need. Enforcement is another responsibility of this team. Enforcing sex offender laws can be a complicated issue. The police department is taxed with the responsibility of ensuring offenders comply with registration laws. We are also charged with enforcing the criminal acts that these offenders may commit if they reoffend. Without the tracking portion of this team, the enforcement would be even more difficult.

The Mesa Police SONET Team uses the very successful multi-disciplinary approach to investigations and works closely with Adult Probation to investigate their cases.

The members of the Mesa Police SONET Unit believe that this team practices one of the truest forms of Community Policing. We will continue to work diligently to inform and educate the citizens of Mesa as we enforce the sex offender laws of the State of Arizona.

For additional information on the notification process or notification laws, please visit the Arizona Department of Public Safety Sex Offender InfoCenter.

Register with Mesa's OffenderWatch® program to receive notifications via e-mail when sex offenders move into your area.