Therapy Dog Program

MacyThe Mesa Police Department's Therapy Dog program is one-of-a-kind. The Mesa Police Officer's Assistance Fund donated the funds to purchase our first dog. Her name is Macy.

Macy lives with a detective assigned to the Mesa Family Advocacy Center. She goes to work with the detective every day and is exposed to as many situations as possible, including gun fire, sirens and watching a helicopter take off, to name a few.

Meet Macy!

Macy is the Mesa Police Department's first therapy dog. She is an English Labrador born in March 2018 and joined the department on May 24, 2018. Since that time she has been assigned to Detective Furman and works a 4-day (40 hour) work week. Currently, she is being used with employees for the Wellness program. When she completes her training and certifications, she will be a therapy dog, used for victims of sexual assault/abuse and for victims of child abuse. She will mostly visit with victims at the Mesa Family Advocacy Center, but on occasions may also visit victims/witnesses in the field. She will also have opportunities to participate in communication and public relations events. 

Follow her journey on Instagram @Detective_Macy.