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Organized Crime

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The Mission of the Mesa Police Department's Organized Crime Section is to dismantle organized crime syndicates and drug trafficking organizations that raise the level of violence, fraud and corruption in our community.

Mission Objectives

  • Apprehension of the organization's leaders
  • Destruction of the financial base of the organization
  • Disruption of the drug supply or other criminal network 

This mission is accomplished through sustained, coordinated investigations, inter-agency cooperation, and the use of anti-racketeering (RICO) statutes.

The division consists of the organized crime squad, asset forfeiture, and parcel interdiction.

Reporting Drug Activity within the City of Mesa

You may call the Narcotics Hotline at 480-644-4264 or submit information anonymously online. All information you send will remain confidential.

Please provide the following information (as available):

  • Names and descriptions of people involved
  • Addresses/phone numbers at location of suspected activity
  • Drug type, if known
  • Vehicle description/license plate
  • Weapons involved
  • Type of activity observed