Intersection Safety Cameras

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The intersection safety cameras are fixed installations at specific intersections. The intersection safety camera detects alleged red light violations and alleged speeding violations for straight through traffic. The intersection safety camera operates 24 hours a day.

The intersection safety cameras are hardwired to the traffic signal system to detect when the traffic signal displays a steady red light. Intersection safety camera systems use roadway sensors to detect vehicle presence and related speed. If the traffic signal is displaying a steady red light and the roadway sensors detect a moving vehicle, the intersection safety camera will photograph the vehicle prior to the violation line and inside the intersection. A second camera will photograph the front of the vehicle for driver identification purposes.

Some intersection safety camera cameras will detect vehicle presence and related speed during the steady green and steady yellow lights. If a vehicle commits an alleged speeding violation, the intersection safety camera will take two photographs of the vehicle while it passes through the intersection. A second camera will photograph the front of the vehicle for driver identification. The intersection safety camera will capture a 10 second video clip of the alleged violation.

Intersection safety cameras are present at the following intersections:


Alma School/Guadalupe Broadway/Stapley Broadway/Extension
Country Club/Southern
Country Club/University Ellsworth/Pecos
Gilbert/Baseline Gilbert/McKellips Lindsay/University
Stapley/Southern Higley/Southern University/Mesa Dr
Mesa Dr/Broadway Power/Southern
Power/Broadway Power/Hampton Power/McKellips


This program also utilizes intersection speed cameras and streaming video, which detect and document speed violations through intersections. Some of the most serious crashes that occur are caused by drivers speeding through intersections, regardless of the color of the light. Streaming video operates within the high resolution high speed cameras that are programmed to capture red light violations, as well as vehicles traveling in excess of the posted speed limit. The video is recorded onto a DVD and presented to the court during hearings that involve the streaming video.

The camera will capture images of the vehicle as well as the facial image of the driver of those vehicles. The cameras are configured to capture speeders driving 11 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit through the intersection. 

Remember to slow down and stop on red.