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The Mesa Police Department Training Section is based at the Public Safety Training Facility located at 3260 North 40th Street. The facility is a joint-use complex that is shared with the Mesa Fire Department Training Section. The facility covers roughly 45 acres and has a 14 acre asphalt driving track, a burn building including a seven story tower, numerous burn vehicles, 11 classrooms, and a state of the art 364 seat auditorium.

The Police Training Section is comprised of six squads with a police lieutenant supervising the section. Each of these squads focuses on a separate aspect of training for the police department. The six squads are:

  • Basic Academy
  • Advanced Training
  • Proficiency Skills
  • Firearms Training
  • Field Training
  • Tactical Training

Basic Training

The mission of the Basic Academy Staff is to work in partnership with each Police Officer Recruit to promote individual growth and success while providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet AZPOST standards for certification as a Peace Officer.

At the same time the Academy Staff will work towards developing within the recruits a professional commitment to the Mesa Police Department and the community we serve.

Advanced Training

Advanc4The Advanced Training Squad is responsible for scheduling and facilitating police sponsored/orientated mandatory and elective training for the police department's sworn and civilian employees.

The squad maintains the training records for this received training. The members are active in instructing classes and assisting the other squads in the performance of their duties as needed. Members of the squad liaison with other training units around the valley and state to ensure Mesa continues to lead the way into the future of police training.

The squad is comprised of the Advanced Training Sergeant, two Advanced Training Officers, and three civilian clerical staff. 

Firearms Training Facility

The Mesa Police Department Firearms Training staff consists of one sergeant and five officers who are responsible for all the weapons inspections, maintenance, and firearms training for approximately 900 police department employees. The Firearms Training facility has been in operation since 1962 and is located on approximately 18 acres in north central Mesa. The facility has an automated 25-station qualification range, a "live fire" training house, a practice range, 200-meter rifle range, and training areas for the SWAT and K9 teams. The facility also has a classroom, well-equipped armory and a state-of-the-art simulated firearms training system.

Improvements to the Range in 2005 included acquiring a new computerized firearms training system, a security gate and fencing, and purchasing an additional turning target system.



This class provides civilian employees of the Mesa Police Department with an understanding of operations and resources available within the Police Department. It also provides a unique understanding of the procedures and legal issues involved in law enforcement.

This seven-week program is designed to familiarize each participant with the organizational structure and operations of the various units within the department. Included are on-site tours of the various facilities in which those units are stationed. Training requests are required and must be submitted through the chain of command.

This course is limited to civilian employees of the Police Department only.  For any questions please contact the Training Unit at (480) 644-4139.

Proficiency Skills

The Proficiency Skills Squad is comprised of one sworn supervisor, four sworn training officers and a civilian driving coordinator. The training officers are all general instructors. Each officer also has certifications in a number of specialty instructorships, such as Defense Tactics Instructor, High Risk Traffic Stops, Firearms, Nutrition, Simunition, Tactical Driving and Impact Weapons. The Proficiency Skills squad's primary responsibility is to provide training in all of these areas to the academy recruits and to all of the sworn in-service personnel.

The driving coordinator is responsible for training all Mesa Police Department employees, sworn and civilian, to safely operate department owned vehicles. This training is diverse, covering the high-speed emergency response driving of officers to safe defensive driving in normal conditions. The driving coordinator is also responsible for the care and maintenance of the entire driving track and facility.

By working together and staying current with national training trends and techniques, the Proficiency Skills Squad strives to provide the best training possible to their students. 



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