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Scam Alert!

Many scam artists are financially affecting our residents. Don't be a victim.

  • Remember, no business will ever ask you for payment in gift cards, including the IRS, courts, police/sheriff departments, utility services, etc. Have you paid a bill in the past using gift cards? 
  • Don't fall for the fear factor "time is of the essence" statements.
  • If you did not enter a contest, you did not win.
  • If you are being asked to pay for a prize (including "processing fees"), you didn't win.
  • Don't fall for the calls about "your social security card has been compromised." You'll know before anyone else.
  • Never give away your hard-earned money to someone you don't know, unless you have initiated the purchase.
  • If in doubt about any situation, contact your crime prevention officer.
  • Click here for additional and more in depth information on what scams, cons and frauds we see.

Reducing Homelessness

Click here to learn more about solutions underway in Mesa and resources to help our homeless population.