Holiday Safety for Businesses

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Take precautions to protect you, your business, and your employees this holiday season. Should you wish to schedule a security survey and/or a presentation to your employees on employee safety, robbery prevention, shoplifting prevention, workplace violence or any other topic you feel would be helpful, contact your crime prevention officer.

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  • Control Access by allowing only one door to be open for customers. All back doors should be locked from the outside. Use a decorative rope or string to help prevent use of these exits except for emergencies.
  • Limit Access to areas that are off limits to customers. Use signs indicating "Employees Only" for back rooms and storage areas.
  • Control Activity in your store. Deter shoppers from entering your businesses with open bags, large totes, etc. Consider using signage at the entrances that no open bags or large bags are allowed. 
  • Maintain Visibility throughout the store. Make sure you can see the front door, that there are no "hidden" areas and your shelves are positioned so that someone cannot hide.
  • Determine what your employee signal will be.  This is a code word or name that indicates immediate assistance is needed or that the police need to be called. It can be used over the intercom, in person, or by word of mouth. Make sure all employees know the word/name and what it means.
  • Additional Staff during the holiday season provides additional control and monitoring of shoppers. Greeters should be at all entry/exit points, making eye contact with all customers. Small talk is also a deterrent for criminal activity.
  • Don't Stereotype. Anyone can shoplift of steal from you.
  • Increase visibility from the outside looking in.

Robbery Prevention:

  • Greet every person who enters the business in a friendly manner. Personal contact can discourage a would-be criminal.
  • Keep windows clear of displays or signs and make sure your business is well lighted.
  • Check the layout of your store, eliminating any blind spots that may hide a robbery in progress. Provide information about your security systems to employees only on a "need-to-know" basis. Instruct your employees to report any suspicious activity or person immediately and write down the information for future reference.
  • Place cash registers in the front section of the store. This increases the chances of someone spotting a robbery in progress and reporting it to the police.
  • Keep small amounts of cash in the register to reduce losses. Use a drop safe into which large bills and excess cash are dropped by employees and cannot be retrieved by them. Post signs alerting would-be robbers of this procedure.
  • Make bank deposits often and during business hours. Don’t establish a pattern; take different routes at different times during the day. If there are special circumstances and you don’t feel safe, ask a police officer to escort you.
  • If a robber confronts you or your employees, cooperate. Merchandise and cash can always be replaced, people cannot!