Junk Mail Reduction Guide

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Each time you order something by mail or telephone, subscribe to a publication, enter a sweepstakes or donate to a charity, chances are your name will be added to a mailing list.  If you wish to reduce junk mail, you need to keep your name off mailing lists so that it won't be traded, rented, or sold.

Any time you invest in reducing the amount of junk mail you receive is time well spent.  To help you with this challenge, the City of Mesa wants to give you some simple steps to prevent and reduce waste.  You can do a little or a lot to reduce the volume of junk mail you receive.

6 Ways to Reduce Your Junk Mail

Coupons, Ads and Product Samples

If you do not want to receive packets of ads and coupons, request that your address be removed from the mailing lists of the following companies:


Many businesses and organizations subscribe to the Direct Marketing Association to market goods and services to consumers via direct mail.  Write and ask that your name and address be placed on a "delete file" through their Mail Preference Service.  Be sure to include your name and address in each variation as it appears on the mail (i.e.- "Mr. John Doe", "J.M. Doe", "J. Doe", etc.)  This will remove your name from most --but not all-- mailing lists.  Be patient!  It may take three months or more for your request to take effect.  Once you are on their "delete file", you will remain there for five years.

  • Mail Preference Service
    c/o Direct Marketing Association
    P.O. Box 9008
    Farmingdale, New York 11735

In addition, another quick and easy way to stop delivery is to call each catalog's 800 number and request that your name be taken off their list.  If you prefer, you can also write the catalog company.  Be sure to include the mailing label from the catalog, or copy your address information and any customer codes from the label exactly as they appear.

Credit Cards

If you would like to reduce credit card or other financial offers, you should call or write to the customer service office for each credit card you own.  Ask them not to sell, trade or lend your name and address to any organization for mailing purposes.

Credit bureaus may also sell your name, address and credit history to potential lenders, banks, and credit card companies.  You can write to the following credit bureaus and ask to be removed from their direct marketing lists:

  • Equifax Options
    Equifax Marketing Decisions Systems
    P.O. Box 740123
    Atlanta, GA 30374-0123

  • Trans Union
    Corporate Name Removal Option
    555 West Adams St., 8th Floor
    Chicago, IL 60661

  • Opt-Out Service
    P.O. Box 919
    Allen, TX 75013


Brokers are in the business of selling mailing lists to businesses and organizations.  Write to all of them and request that your name be removed from all of their mailing and telemarketing lists.

  • Metromail Corporation
    List Maintenance
    949 West Bond
    Lincoln, NE 68521
    (402) 475-4591

  • Donnelly Marketing, Inc.
    Name Suppression Service infoUSA Inc.
    P.O. Box 3502
    Nevada, IA 50010

  • Database America
    Compilation Dept.
    100 Paragon Dr.
    Montvale, NJ 07645

Return to Sender

Some junk mail may be stamped with "Return Postage Guaranteed".  If this is the case, you can return it unopened by writing on the envelope "refused-return to sender".  Be sure to include this message or the Post Office will not return the mail.


For requests from charitable contributions to which you are not interested in contributing, open the envelope, retain the return envelope, put a message on your address label that says "please remove my name from your mailing list", and insert it in the postage-paid envelope.