Southeast Mesa Land Use & Transportation Plan

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Southeast Mesa is a vibrant, growing area that is quickly becoming a destination for families, business and industry.  Through this project, the City of Mesa is seeking to enhance the quality of life in southeast Mesa through the programming and delivery of timely multi-modal transportation enhancements.

Plan area

In 2008, the City of Mesa completed the Mesa Gateway Strategic Development Plan, which provided a planning analysis and vision for future growth in the southeast portion of Mesa.  Since that time, southeast Mesa has developed into a major economic, employment, and educational center for the region.

Many transportation network improvements have come to the area in recent years, including:

  • Loop 202
  • State Route 24’s first mile (soon be extended southeast to Ironwood Road)
  • Arterial street segments being widened

What is the Southeast Mesa Land Use & Transportation Plan?
The Southeast Mesa Land Use and Transportation Plan (LUTP) is meant to update the land use and transportation portions of the 2008 Mesa Gateway Strategic Development Plan.

What does the plan do?
The Southeast Mesa LUTP will be a stand-alone document used as guidance for City staff and City Council to identify and program future transportation priorities. The Plan accomplishes this by understanding existing and future land use trends in the southeast area of Mesa.

 Project schedule
The project schedule for the Southeast Mesa LUTP is updated periodically as the City progresses through the project. The following are key dates for the project:
 Public & Stakeholder Engagement
July 2018 - May 2019
 Land Use & Economic Analysis
July - December 2018
 Transportation Master Plan Update
July 2018 - April 2019
 Final Report
May - June 2019






This page will be updated with all materials related to the Southeast Mesa Transportation and Land Use Plan (LUTP) during its development from October 2018-June 2019.

Contact Al Zubi, City of Mesa Transportation Department Supervising Engineer, with project questions at, or 480.644.4912.

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