Tax Credits & Rebates

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Everyone is looking for ways to save money these days. But, the following rebates and incentives have the added advantage of doing the planet a favor. Be sure to take advantage of these offers quickly as they may not be available for long.

Tax Credits and Rebates Overview

Energy Saving Project




SRP Utility *

Energy Performance Evaluation Find energy saving opportunities. Includes 5 LED's for your home

Just $99 (a $500 value) for an SRP Home Performance Evaluation

Windows/Shade Screens/Doors

Shade Screens


Shade Screens $.80/sq. ft.

Insulation Insulation improvements 10% of cost up to $500 (ends 2016)    

Water Heater


 Install qualified model

Up to 30% of cost less the SRP incentive

25% of cost capped at $1,000 per residence

$ .30/kWh of estimated first year energy savings

Pool Pumps

Variable-speed pumps




Heating/Ventilation/AC (HVAC)

SEER of 15, 16 or 17 and variable capacity compressors (VCC's) 


$400 - 16 SEER

$600 - 17 SEER

$800 - VCC's

Duct Sealing Duct testing, sealing and repairs     up to $250 toward duct testing and repairs
Thermostat - Nest Programmable thermostat      $75 electric bill credit per thermostat for up to two

Solar Electric

Provide part or all renewable energy

30% of cost, up to $500 per .5 kW

25% up to $1,000

No program in effect. Check SRP site for updates. City of Mesa Electric Customers - see below.*


* While SRP is the dominant electric provider for Mesa residents, the City of Mesa Energy Resources Department supplies electric service to about 16,000 customers in the 5.5 square mile area centered in downtown Mesa. City of Mesa customers are not eligible for the same programs and rebates offered by SRP.

A new Solar Pilot Program has been approved through June 2017 for City of Mesa electric customers. The new program offers up to $1,000 for qualified residential customers and $15,000 for qualified commercial customers.   

Natural Gas Rebates: Not included in the table above are rebates from your Natural Gas provider. The City of Mesa Gas Utility currently provides rebates for the purchase of new gas water heaters ($25) and pool or spa heaters ($50). If you are a customer of Southwest Gas, they provide rebates for natural gas or energy saving appliances. See more details below. Natural gas, while not a renewable resource, does provide more value for your energy dollar.

Federal Rebates

Federal tax credits for energy efficiency measures were reduced substantially in 2012. Visit the website on energy efficient federal rebates for more information:

A 30% tax credit is available for clean energy generation with no upper limit through 2019. New and existing homes are eligible for the credit on the following items:

  • Solar energy systems
  • Solar water heaters

Tax credits are also available on some fuel efficient vehicles. To get the complete list and amount of credit available for each vehicle visit the Department of Energy Fuel Economy Site.

Find more information on energy efficient federal rebates at

State Rebates

State tax credits are currently available for residential solar energy systems. They will provide 25% of the cost of the system up to $1,000.

The Arizona Commerce Authority offers renewable energy income tax credits and property tax reductions for businesses.

For a complete database of all state incentives for renewable and efficiency implementation or upgrades, visit the DSIRE Website (Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency)

Utility Rebates

Salt River Project (SRP) supplies electric service to over about 90% of Mesa residents. SRP has lots of tips and assistance to reduce your energy use. They also offer a variety of rebates and incentives for customers.

Residential Customers:

Commercial Customers:

  • For saving energy on lighting, HVAC, motors and with audits, visit the SRP BIZ site.

City of Mesa Natural Gas Utility provides natural gas service to more than 52,000 homes and businesses throughout Mesa and portions of Pinal County. Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels, and while it is not a renewable resource, it does provide more value for your energy dollar. They offer the following rebates:

  • Gas water heater $25
  • Gas swimming pool and spa heater $50

Find more information online or by calling Lucy Lopez at (480) 644-3683

Southwest Gas does service some Mesa residents. For available rebates visit the SW Gas website.

Updated: 01-10-2017, Please contact us with any updates