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With over 325 sun-drenched days a year, solar opportunities shine here in Mesa. Look below to find information on how to go solar, ways to incorporate energy efficiency into your home, and some additional, yet creative ways to use our abundant sunshine.

Solar for a Sustainable Community

Here we also shed some light on how the City of Mesa is improving energy efficiency or offsetting our energy use to reduce our impact on the environment. On Mesa facilities, we have installed over 1.37 Megawatts of locally generated, clean, renewable solar energy. We are continuously looking for opportunities to expand our solar portfolio to pursue a more energy efficient, healthy and sustainable environment for our community.

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When Selecting a Contractor

Creative Ways to Use the Sun

  • Solar cooking demonstration

    Solatube provides natural daylight inside your house which leads to more energy savings. The system is easy to install and usually takes about two hours by a professional.

  •  Solar Cookers - Learn more from a Mesa blogger and author about how it can be a fun and engaging to use the power of the sun to cook your next meal. At full capacity, the solar oven cooks meals in about the same amount of time it takes for a conventional oven.

  • Soil solarization is a non-chemical way to eliminate weeds and diseases in garden or landscape soil. By using clear polyethylene plastic to cover the soil, the sun's heat penetrates the plastic and heats the soil to the high temperatures needed.

  • Solar clothes dryers can be as simple as 20-feet of rope and some clothes pins. Check out this Project Laundry List facebook site for great ideas.


Solar at Mesa Facilities

Solar Portfolio of 1.37 Megawatt

Showing Solar Projects in Mesa

  • Fire Station 219 5 kW, photovoltaic roof mount and a solar hotwater system.
  • Fire Station 220 -15 kW, photovoltaic roof mount.
  • Brown Road - 70 kW concentrated photovoltaic structures with dual tracking.
  • Red Mountain Police Department - 169 kW, photovoltaic parking shade structure.
  • Police Department & Fire Station 212 - 189 kW, photovoltaic parking shade structure.
  • Fiesta Police Department - 272 kW, photovoltaic parking shade structure.
  • Red Mountain Multigenerational Center - 294 kW, photovoltaic parking shade structure.
  • Red Mountain Library - 352 kW, photovoltaic parking shade structure.

See photos of all solar structures [PDF].