Block Party Guidelines

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Block Party Guidelines

Block parties are restricted to residential streets.  They are not permitted on arterial or collector streets.   

Block parties are intended for participation by the entire neighborhood and should not be for private family celebrations or gatherings. Party organizers should ensure that all affected neighbors are aware of the upcoming event and street closure. 

In most cases, streets may be closed from intersection to intersection or in cul-de-sacs.  Streets may not be closed at mid-block locations or in front of a single house.   

Party organizers shall request temporary street closure(s) by contacting us in person or by phone at 480-644-2160.  

We will arrange for the delivery and pick up of barricades and "Street Closed" signs through a barricade contractor.  The barricades and signs will generally be delivered either the day of or the day before the block party and picked up within three days after the block party.  Party organizers are responsible for setting up and taking down these barricades and signs and placing them near the location where they were dropped off.  

Streets and sidewalks may not be altered in any way in preparation for or during a block party.  Immediately following a block party, party organizers must clear streets and sidewalks of barricades, signs, debris and any other materials used for the party.  

A block party should not extend past 10:00 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday, or 1:00 a.m. on Friday, Saturday and holidays.  

Entertainment such as band music, recorded music and any amplifying equipment must be restricted to a volume that does not disturb residents.  Sound perceived as excessive or offensive is prohibited.  

Alcohol may be served and/or consumed on private property only.  Open containers or alcohol are not permitted on public property.  Alcohol should not be sold or given to minors.