Street Sweeping

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The goal of the Transportation Department is to sweep all major arterial streets weekly and residential and collector streets every 4 weeks. On occasion,  major storms can temporarily alter the street sweeping schedule because our sweepers are needed to remove hazardous debris from roadways.

To see when your street is being swept, check out our map.

Why is thorough street cleaning important to the well-being of the community?

When vehicles drive on our streets the tires "kick up" dirt and dust that has settled on the roadway. The dust and dirt are called particulates and are a form of air pollution. Street sweeping collects the particulates and prevents them from becoming airborne. Sweeping up the dust and dirt also helps keep gutters and storm drains free of debris, which allows rain water to flow freely down the storm drain. Plugged up storm drains can lead to flooding and standing water after a storm. Street sweeping also keeps the City of Mesa neighborhood streets clean and neat for all residents to travel and enjoy.

What can residents do to help facilitate successful sweeping cycles?DebrisPickUpSm

  • Trim trees and vegetation to the required heights allowing high profile vehicles to pass under without damage to vehicles and trees.
  • Remove trash, recycle and green waste barrels from the street after service.
  • Limit vehicles parked on the street by parking in driveways and other designated parking areas.


Prevent tree encroachmentAroundCarSm

  • Street sweepers cannot sweep under trees that hang lower than 14 feet.
  • Debris not picked up by street sweepers can cause storm drain blockages.
  • Low hanging limbs can cause damage to the street sweeper and other high profile vehicles.