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IMG_1094_webAs part of our ongoing educational efforts, the Environmental Management & Sustainability Department offers a variety of materials and information to residents and school educators on trash collection and recycling topics.

In addition, staff is available to come out to your school or community group gathering to speak about the importance of recycling.  Presentations are typically 15-30 minutes in length and can be tailored to your specific group.  To request a speaker, please contact us.

What about landfill and recycling facility tours?

The City of Mesa does not own its own landfill or recycling facility.  However, tours for both areas can be arranged directly through the Salt River Landfill.

Scout Troops

Groups of 15 or more scouts may request a recycling presentation.  Presentations are held Monday-Thursday during normal business hours at the Solid Waste Office, 730 N. Mesa Dr.  Please submit your presentation request and a City of Mesa staff member will contact you.

YouTube Videos


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