Residential Grass to Xeriscape Incentive

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** HOA's and Businesses, Mesa has just received grant funding for a Commercial Properties Grass-to-Xeriscape Rebate.



The purpose of the Grass-to-Xeriscape program is to help our customers reduce their landscape water use by half or more by replacing their water-thirsty lawns with landscape plants appropriate to our Sonoran Desert climate. When you remove 500 square feet or more of established grass and replace it with a water-thrifty landscape, the City of Mesa will provide a $500 incentive.  When you install at least one low-water use tree as part of your Grass-to-Xeriscape project, you may be eligible for an additional incentive - $50 for one eligible tree planted and $75 for two eligible trees.


Xeriscape (zeer-a-scape) is a term that defines a creative approach to landscaping that includes the use of well-adapted plants, efficient irrigation, careful design, and proper maintenance. When used together, these principles produce superior landscapes that save both water and energy. Xeriscape also creates or replaces habitat needed by wildlife, and helps to create shade for people, our homes, and our communities.