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Water Service Areas

The City of Mesa has a 100-year assured water supply designation from the Arizona Department of Water Resources. We provide water to over a half-million people every day through over 2,450 miles of mains in our water distribution system. 

Mesa relies on three sources of drinking water: Salt and Verde River water from the Salt River Project; Colorado River water from the Central Arizona Project; and groundwater from City wells.

Mesa's water service area is divided into three zones - the City Zone, Eastern Zone, and Southern Zone. The zone you live in determines your water source and where it is treated. 

Read our Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report on page 8 for more information about water water sources. 

The City of Mesa collects wastewater (sewage) through over 1,750 miles of sewer mains in our wastewater collection system and treats it at one of three water reclamation plants. Wastewater is treated to class A+ standards and reused for recharging the aquifer for future water supply; delivered for use on farm lands in exchange for potable water; and delivered as cooling water to the Palo Verde Nuclear facility.