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Fluoridation has been used as a dental health measure in cities across the U.S. since the late 1940s. More than half the nation's population now drinks water treated with fluoride. In September 1999, Mesa joined with 40 of the nation's largest cities in adding fluoride to its public drinking water as directed by a 1998 vote of the Mesa City Council and confirmed by a vote of the citizens. 

Fluoride occurs naturally in our drinking water at an average rate of 0.4 parts per million. Equipment installed by the City increases the rate to 0.7 parts per million, in accordance with the American Dental Association's recommended level for dental health in warm climates.

A proven cavity fighter, fluoride helps make the enamel surface of the teeth more resistant to acid and kills some of the bacteria that promote tooth decay. Fluoridation is encouraged by the National Institutes of Health.

For more information about Fluoridation
Please contact the Water Quality division at 480-644-6461.