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 Applicant Organization
Are you applying under the non-profit status of a Fiscal Sponsor? 
Are you applying under the non-profit status of a Fiscal Sponsor?
 Name of Fiscal Sponsor
 Name of Individual Completing Application
Contact Info
Contact Info
 Name of Applicant Organization Principal Executive
 Organization Web site
 Signature of Authorizing Official (Board Chair or CEO)

Please attach the following items

Applicant organization or fiscal sponsor’s 501(c)(3) determination letter
Document (one page max.) including mission and organization description/history
Budget detailing project expenses and income, including requested Creative Economy Fund grant
Organization’s annual operating budget for 2019-2020
Resumes or bios for key artistic personnel for the project
Optional:  A maximum of five (5) pages of reviews, articles or information on proposed project/artistic works that will support the quality of the organization’s artistic work or the quality of the proposed project.

Please respond to the following questions, using a maximum of 250 words for each question.  However, please use the allotted word count wisely to provide a full answer, and read the question carefully to be sure you are providing the needed information.

Please describe the project for which you are applying for support. What are the activities and programs that the public will experience? Is there anything notable or new in the project that we should know about?

What is the number and scope of performances, workshops, classes, festival days, or other activities that are part of the project?  How many performances? Where and when will they take place?  If there are multiple programs for which support is requested, please list them chronologically.

What are the objectives of your organization in presenting this project? What will it accomplish or what benefits will it bring to the audience and/or community?  What is it about the work being presented that makes it important to offer to audiences, or a valuable experience to those participating in the presentation of the work?

Describe how your organization will work to ensure the quality of this presentation or project, what aspects of the project will help deliver that quality outcome (e.g. playwright, composer, choreography, artistic personnel, etc.), and how the organization’s prior work should be viewed as an indicator of future quality.

Does this project meet a perceived community need, or fulfill a proven interest in our community?  What indicators, observations or evidence can you provide that this is the case? You may wish to share audience input or feedback, information about how the project content is determined, analysis of past audience attendance or other factors that indicate community interest.  Or does the project provide audiences a new experience?  If so, please share how it is different than other offerings of its type currently available.

Please describe any audience development, community engagement, education or outreach activities that are planned as a part of this project.  Describe initiatives to reach new audiences, services to students or underserved audiences, educational/enrichment activities, participatory workshops or master classes, or any other efforts that build or deepen audience relationships, attendance or awareness.

Are there any challenges to your organization in presenting this project—logistical, human resource, financial?  Please share your plan for addressing those challenges.  Does your organization have the proven ability to present this project based on past history?

We have spoken to MAC Event Services to review venue-related costs?
We have spoken to MAC Event Services to review venue-related costs?
We have submitted an application for support to the ACES Program?
We have submitted an application for support to the ACES Program?
Our requested Creative Economy Fund Grant amount is $
Number of people who will be served directly by this project (audience)
Number of total people who will participate in implementing this project
Number of PAID ARTISTS participating in implementing this project
Number of UNPAID ARTISTS participating in implementing this project
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