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The land upon which Dobson Ranch Golf Course was built was originally owned by the Arizona Pioneer Dobson Family and was considered some of the best land in the state.

The building which now houses Dobson's Restaurant was built in the early 1950's and as the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Dobson.  The home was surrounded by a busy working cattle ranch, encompassing 2600 acres of land, most of which lies within a two mile radius of the golf course.  The main dining area was the center of action where many cattle buyers came to deal in beef.

The Dobson's were very hospitable and often entertained and shared their home.

In 1971, Continental Homes purchased the Dobson property and others to develop a total planned community that would eventually include a population of approximately 30,000.

To enhance the recreation facilities, Continental Homes built the 18-hole golf course which was given to the City of Mesa to operate as a public golf course in June of 1973.  The course was built on 145 acre with a 20 acre public park and lake adjoining it to the south.  Construction of the golf course was finished in April 1974 and opening ceremonies were held on September 30, 1974.

The Dobson home also became The Ranch House Restaurant in 1974.  The restaurant is currently called Dobson's Restaurant.