Zoning Administrator - Zoning Ordinance Interpretations

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DIMES-buttonThe responsibilities of the Zoning Administrator (ZA) include interpreting the application of Zoning Ordinance Requirements to the public, City Departments, and other branches of government (Mesa Zoning Ordinance §11-66-7.B.2).  Typical ZA interpretations include determining permitted uses within a zoning district, applying development standards to individual sites, or interpreting zoning district boundaries. Interpretations are made through an administrative process. ZA interpretations can be appealed to the Board of Adjustment. 

To request a Zoning Ordinance Interpretation, the following process has been established:

  1. An administrative application is submitted online through the DIMES system to the Zoning Administrator.
  2. The request should include what the applicant believes the interpretation should accomplish, and provide all the reasons and facts that are believed to support such an interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance.
  3. Required Fees are listed in the Planning Division Schedule of Fees and Charges and must be paid at the time of application. 
  4. The final interpretation is issued within 45 days of receipt of a complete application.
  5. Appeals of the final written ZA decision can be made in accordance with the Zoning Ordinance requirements.

The interpretations listed below may not encompass all interpretations. They are in PDF format and will generally be one to two pages in length. For information on a specific case or property, contact the Planning Division at 480-644-2385.  

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Design Guidelines for Recreational Facility   Required Landscaping for an Communications Facility    Requirements for a Health Residential Facility in the RS District 
Requirements for a Juice Bar in Medical Office Building    Requirements for Administrative Review of a Comprehensive Site Plan    Requirements for Building a Restroom Addition 
Requirements for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in ID Districts    Requirements for Social Services Program for Unaccompanied Minors     
Exemptions for Batch Plants in Mining Operations    Requirements for a Gravel and Mining Operation   Requirements for Manufacturing Facility within the LI District 
Requirements for Secondary Processing of Meat and Seafood in the LI and GI Districts        
 Requirements for a Land Split    Setbacks for Trust Owned Property  
Expansion of a Legally Non-Conforming Social Service Facility   Non-Conforming Status of Required Hotel Parking Spaces   Requirements for Non-Conforming Social Service Facility
Parking Requirements for a Proposed Church   Parking Requirements for Appointment Only Pilates Studio   Parking Space Requirement for Indoor Recreation Facility
Requirements for an Administrative Use Permit   Temporary Use Permit for a Farmers Market    
 Permitted Uses in TCC District     Installation of Interlock Devices and Related Services    
Default Judgment of "Responsible" for Citations    Request to Set Aside a Fine   Requesting Hearing for Citation Issuance
Public Nuisances Prohibited in Residential Areas   Requirements for Group Home for the Developmentally Disabled   Requirements for Group Home for the Handicapped
Zoning Districts for Place of Worship    Primary Wall Facing the Street  

Boarding Stables


Modification of a Comprehensive Sign Plan      




Please note that the City Council adopted a significant update of the Mesa Zoning Ordinance, effective September 2011. Many provisions were significantly revised. As a result ZA interpretations issued prior to the 2011 revisions may no longer be applicable; however, still available to view.  Pre 2011 ZA Interpretations.