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There are seven Municipal Court Judges and one Commissioner at the Mesa Municipal Court. 

Presiding City Magistrate J. Matias Tafoya (Arraignment Courtroom 202), Judge Elizabeth Arriola (Arraignment Courtroom 203), Judge Valerye Boyer-Wells (Courtroom 302), Judge Alicia Lawler (Courtroom 303), Judge Raymond Schumacher (Courtroom 304), Judge Craig Fujii (Courtroom 305), Judge John Tatz (Custody Courtroom), and Commissioner Richard Garcia (Courtroom 101).

Selection of Judges:

The Mesa City Council established a Judicial Advisory Board in 1997. This Board is responsible for:

  • recommending to the City Council the best qualified persons to become judges and
  • evaluating the performance of appointed judges and advising the City Council about retaining them.

The City Council reviews the recommendations from the Judicial Advisory Board and appoints the judges.

Mesa City Code Title 2 Chapter 3 
Judicial Advisory Board

The initial appointment is for a two-year term; if reappointed, the second term is a two year term; subsequent reappointments are for four-year terms

Mesa City Code Title 1 
Chapter 7 City Magistrates

Commissioners are appointed by the Presiding City Magistrate and preside over Civil Traffic Offenses.

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