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Deferred Compensation

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The Deferred Compensation Program and the following information is solely for your convenience and benefit. The City of Mesa does not endorse or recommend any specific provider(s) or investment option(s) The views and opinions expressed by the providers may not reflect those of the City of Mesa.

Plans & Eligibility
457 Deferred Compensation Plan Roth Plan

All full-time and part-time benefited employees are eligible to participate in the City's Deferred Compensation program. Additionally, participating full-time employees with a minimum of one year of service are eligible to receive a City contribution to their deferred compensation account.

Full-time employees who are rehired and participating are subject to the one-year of service waiting period from his/her rehire date to become eligible for the City contribution.

This benefit provides participating employees who contribute at least $10 per paycheck to deferred compensation with a contribution from the City equal to .5% (one-half of one percent) of the employee's base pay to their deferred compensation plan.

The City of Mesa offers a Roth contribution option. Roth contributions are made with after-tax dollars and is a supplement the City's 457 deferred compensation plan.
To receive the City's employer contribution, full-time employees must contribute a minimum of $10 into the City's 457 deferred compensation plan.
The Roth 457 Option:  Is it Right for You? [PDF]


Empower Retirement Services
Fire (Sworn) –Nationwide Retirement Solutions


Client Services Line 1-800-701-8255


Web Login Information [PDF]

Mobile Web Application [PDF]


Faydra Romero, Retirement Plan Advisor

Mobile 480-734-1461




Name and Fund Changes

Forms MUST BE returned to Empower (formerly Great-West) at the address or toll-free fax number on the forms, or to Empowerment Retirement Services c/o Payroll, by interoffice mail.



Toll-Free Customer Service: 1-877-677-3678


Fire employees should contact their departmental representative, for additional info.




Emergency Hardship Withdrawals

The Plan does allow for withdrawals in the event of an unforeseeable emergency resulting in a severe financial hardship under narrow circumstances defined in federal law and applicable Treasury Regulations.

Empower participants must contact Empower directly 1-800-701-8255 to request an emergency hardship withdrawal application. The request will be evaluated and either approved or denied by Empower Retirement Services.

Employees who take an "Unforeseeable Emergency Withdrawal" will have their deferrals automatically stopped for 6 months; the employee is responsible for making sure they get re-started.

Employer Contributions for Roth Plan

To receive the City contribution, the employee must contribute the minimum requirement of $10 per pay into a 457 Deferred Compensation Plan.


Former employees who are eligible for distribution of their funds (after retirement or severance of City of Mesa employment) may have their funds rolled over to IRA's 403(b), 401(a), 401 (k), or 457 (b) plans.

Caution: Such rollovers may result in the funds becoming subject to withdrawal penalties and/or additional processing fees/expenses. Contact Empowerment Retirement Services for details.

Mesa's Deferred Compensation (457 Plan) provider will accept rollovers from IRA's 403(b), 401(a), 401 (k), or 457 (b) plans. Caution: Rollovers from any plan other than a 457 Plan will be accounted for separately and may be subject to withdrawal penalties and/or additional processing fees/expenses. Contact Empowerment Retirement Services for details.

Service Purchase

City of Mesa 457 Plan participants may use the assets from their 457 account to purchase eligible service credits from a government defined benefit plan (i.e., Arizona State Retirement System [ASRS], Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System [PSPRS]).