Property Tax

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There are two types of property tax in the State of Arizona, primary and secondary. The City of Mesa does not collect a primary property tax. The City collects a secondary property tax, which is used to pay the principal and interest due for debt associated with General Obligation Bonds.

The City uses the tax levy (not the tax rate) to manage the secondary property tax. The tax levy is calculated using the formula to the right.Formula

The value of each property in the City is determined annually by either Maricopa County or the State of Arizona. This value is based on comparable sale values from two to three years prior. For example, the FY 2019/20 net assessed value is based on property valuations from mid-2016 to mid-2017.

Secondary property tax rate & levy
 Fiscal Year
Value of Taxable Property

Tax Rate (per $100 value)

Tax Levy

FY 2019/20

$ 1.1870


FY 2018/19


$ 1.0201
FY 2017/18
 $3.05B $ 1.0968
FY 2016/17
 $2.89B $ 1.1578

Unless new bonds are authorized by voters, the tax rate is typically adjusted to maintain the same tax levy from one fiscal year to the next.  As property values increase from one year to the next, a lower tax rate generates the same tax levy.  The FY 2019-20 tax rate and levy were adjusted to fund new public safety and parks and cultural bonds approved by voters in November 2018.

The FY 2019/20 annual secondary property tax levy for the median-value City of Mesa residential property is $160.   

For more information on assessed value and property tax, see the Budget and Financial Summary section of the City's Executive Budget Plan document.