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Alarm Permits

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Alarm Education

Regulatory Information SB1598 and A.R.S. 9-837

Licensing & Permitting Directory of Documents

City of Mesa Alarm Ordinance 6-15 requires alarm permits for all alarm users within city limits.  If you do not know if you are within the City of Mesa or in a Maricopa County island, please visit the online address search map and search for your address.  The map will notify you if you are within a Maricopa County island.

Alarm systems are designed to protect lives and property if they are installed, used, and maintained properly. When the alarm systems are not properly used or maintained, the number of calls for police dispatches increases.

We can work together to reduce the number of false alarm calls and:

  • Save thousands of taxpayer's dollars.
  • Allow police officers to respond more quickly to actual emergency situations.

Just need to update your information?

Use this form [PDF] if you already have an alarm permit and need to change any of the following:

  • Telephone Number
  • 1st or 2nd Subscriber/Secondary Contacts
  • Mailing Address
  • Alarm Company Information

Alarm Permit Applications

Apply for Alarm Permit      Renew Alarm Permit

How To Guides: Using the New Online Application

You may also submit your application via hard copy using PDF or Word versions.

** If you are having trouble renewing and have had a previous permit, please contact the alarm unit at 480-644-2699 for assistance. If you wait too long to renew your permit, you are removed from the system.

Renewal Notices:  Mailed 60 days prior to the expiration date of the alarm permit. The expiration date is the original date of issue.


Alarm Permit Fees & Assessments

  • Alarm permits are required for any active alarm system.
  • Alarm permit fees are $10.00 per alarm function.
  • Alarm systems may have two (2) functions that will require an alarm permit.
  • As of June 12, 2017, all new alarm permits & renewals will be charged a $2.00 Technology Fee.


Burglary (Audible Function) Applies to both a residential and business alarm system.

Includes door contacts, motion detectors, and/or window glass break detectors.

Panic (Silent Function) Applies to a residential alarm system only.

Includes a button on the key fob or a button for police/medical/fire on the keypad.

Robbery (Silent Function) Applies to a business alarm system only.

Includes a button under the counter, in the freezer, on a wall, on a necklace or at the keypad.


Renewal Notices:  Mailed 60 days prior to the expiration date of the alarm permit. The expiration date is the original date of issue.  

False Alarm Assessment Fees   Pay Alarm Assessment

  • Current Customers - Please contact the alarm unit to obtain your new permit # before creating an account

Operating an alarm system without a permit -- $100 Assessment

Type of Permit False Alarms Assessments
Burglary (Audible Function) 1st $50.00
2nd $100.00
3rd $150.00
4th $200.00
5th $250.00
6th $300.00
7th & each consecutive alarm after
Panic or Robbery (Silent Function) 1st Free
2nd $100.00
3rd & each consecutive alarm after
No Permit Letter - NON WAIVABLE
Operating an Alarm System without a valid Alarm Permit
Technology Fee - beginning June 12, 2017
New Permit Applications & Renewal Permits
$    2.00

Payment Locations

If you prefer to pay in person or via mail:

In person
 Via Mail

City of Mesa Customer Service
55 N. Center St.
Monday - Thursday
7 a.m. - 6 p.m.




East Mesa Customer Service Center
6935 E. Decatur
Monday - Thursday
7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

City of Mesa Customer Service
P.O. Box 1466
Mesa, AZ 85211


Types of Payments accepted

  • Cash (in person only)
  • Check (payable to City of Mesa)
  • Credit Card (in person or online only)
  • Money Order
  • Payments over the phone are not accepted



Helpful Tips

Servicing Alarm Systems

Remember to service your alarm system at least every 12 months to maintain the system in good working order. If you are going to be away from your property for any length of time, always test the alarm system at least 2 weeks prior to make sure that it is functioning properly.

Contact your alarm company for any necessary repairs or maintenance. Provide your alarm monitoring company with any updated contact name and telephone information and the date of your return.

Canceling False Alarms

Did you know that your alarm monitoring company is required to call two (2) telephone numbers that you have designated prior to contacting the Mesa Police Department for any burglary alarm call? Two-call verification should give you an opportunity to cancel any false burglary alarm dispatches.

The two-call verification does not apply to a panic or a robbery alarm call. A robbery or panic alarm call cannot be cancelled and officers must respond.

Alarm Company Requirements

In accordance with Arizona Revised Statute 32-113, we no longer issue Alarm Company or Alarm Agent Licenses.

Licenses/Certificates are still required

Alarm Companies, Agents, and Alarm Salespeople are required to be certified by either the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) or the Arizona Board of Technical Registration (BTR).  Review Arizona Revised Statute Title 32, Chapter 1, Articles 1 & 2 to determine if your company, salesperson, or agent is correctly registered. Contact the issuing agency to determine if a company/agent/salesperson has passed an FBI fingerprint background check.

How to find the License/Certificate