Animal Noise Disturbance

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The following steps will be taken in order to resolve your complaint:

  1. Based on the information you provide, the animal owner will be contacted by mail, making them aware of the problem and offering solutions.

  2. We do not accept anonymous complaints, but at this point your information is kept confidential.

  3. In 10 days if the problem continues call Mesa Animal Control at 480-644-2268.

  4. A second notice is mailed to the animal owner.

  5. After the third complaint an Animal Control Officer will respond to the address of the problem animal.

  6. On an animal noise disturbance, you are the victim, not the Animal Control Officer and not the City.
    As the victim, you would need to be willing to testify in court.

  7. To aid in successful prosecution, the victim must provide documentation. We suggest at least a week's worth of documentation showing specific dates, times, and duration of the disturbances, to show that the animal noise disturbance is an on-going and offensive problem.

  8. If you, as the victim, are willing to testify in court, have specific documentation, and want prosecution, a civil infraction violation can be issued.
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