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Aaron Raine,
Mesa homeless coordinator

Mon. - Thur., 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.



If you are willing to donate to help Mesa and our partner non-profits continue to lead with service to identify and house people and families in crisis, please donate through the Mesa United Way program, calledMesa Unites.” Mesa United Way will ensure that these funds are used directly to help in programs to fight hunger, homelessness and improve lives in our community.

Our vision for homelessness is "functional zero."

Reducing homelessness is a complex, human issue. There is no single solution that fits every person or situation. Also, the number of homeless is not static. People are moving in and out of homelessness daily. Undoubtedly, in the United States and abroad, people will experience poverty and the complexities of human crisis. We will never eradicate homelessness, but we believe we can decrease the ebb and flow of homelessness in Mesa to the level of "functional zero."

What is "functional zero?"

We have reached "functional zero" when, at any point in time, the number of homeless in Mesa (sheltered or unsheltered) is less than Mesa's average monthly housing placement for homeless individuals.

How will we achieve "functional zero?"

Service Coordination

Safety Enhancements

Supportive Housing


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