Air Quality

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aj_duststormThe Maricopa County area meets health-based standards for all air pollutants except particulates (dust).  Particulate (dust) pollution continues to be a major problem, and the City of Mesa has taken a leadership position to reduce particulate pollution.  Our program includes efforts to identify and enforce control measures at sites that contribute to this problem.  Read more information on the Particulate Matter (Dust) and ways that you can help.

Carbon monoxide continues to be a concern in the cooler months.  Read more information on Carbon Monoxide and ways that you can help ensure that Maricopa County continues to meet the health-based standard for carbon monoxide.

Ozone continues to be a concern in the warmer months.  For more information on Ozone and ways that you can help ensure that Maricopa County continues to meet the health-based standard for ozone.

If you have an environmental complaint or concern, please call or email. Use our convenient online form or call (480) 644-3599.

Fireplaces, Fire Pits, and Chimineas During the Holidays

What is a No Burn Day? When air pollution levels are on the rise and weather conditions create dry, stagnant air, the Maricopa County Air Quality Department will issue a "No Burn Day." Restrictions last for a 24-hour period, starting at midnight, and include a ban on woodburning activity including fireplaces, fire pits or open outdoor fires.

The purpose of the No Burn Day restriction is to avoid adding pollution to our air when the forecast suggests air quality will approach or exceed the federal health standard. Learn more about Residential Wood Burning Restrictions.

Maricopa County No Burn Day Information and Resources

  • Log onto to find out if today is a No Burn Day. Or, use one of the apps or widgets available to track air quality on the go.
  • Sign up to receive email alerts or text messages when a No Burn Day is issued at and click "Make the Commitment."
  • Not by a computer? Call the Maricopa County Burn Line at (602) 506-6400 for a recorded message in English and Spanish.