Fees & Charges

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Fees & Charges [pdf]

Acceptable Forms of Payment

  • No cash
  • No split payments
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Novus and American Express
  • MoneyOrder, Bank Cashier’s Check, Personal Check
    (no personal checks accepted if services are required within 14 days)

For immediate need spaces

  • All fees must be paid in full at least 48 hours prior to burial
  • No personal checks or cash accepted.

For pre-planning spaces

  • Fees may be paid in full or a payment contract can be initiated with a minimum of 50% paid as down payment. Remaining balance must be paid within one year.
  • Contracts are charged a $100.00 Administrative Fee (due in full) at contract initiation.
  • If need arises within the one year contract period, balance is due prior to burial.

Grave Space Options

Graves - all sections except North View & Memorial Acres
Single* $2,100
 (double deep) $2,590
Conversion (single to companion) $490
Infant** (48" x 24" max) $665
North View Section  
Single grave, flat marker* $2,400
Single grave, upright* (sold out) $2,600
Companion, flat marker* (double deep) $3,100
Companion grave, upright* (sold out) $3,300
Conversion (single to companion) $700
Infant** (48" x 24" max) $690
Memorial Acres Section  
 Single grave, flat marker*  $2,500
 Single grave, upright*  $2,700
 Companion, flat marker* (double deep)  $3,200
 Companion grave, upright*  $3,400
 Conversion (single to companion)  $700
 *Perpetual Care fee included in price  $300
 **Perpetual Care fee included in price  $150

Cremation Options

Niche Space - Lower two rows** $1,610
Niche Space - Upper three rows** $1,900
Urn Garden** SOLD OUT $870
Scattering Garden $140
*Perpetual care fee included in price

Service Charges

Service charges are separate from the costs for grave space and cremation options. 

Service charges cannot be pre-paid.
Opening and Closing  
Single Grave*** $895
Companion Grave - upper level*** $895
Companion Grave  - lower level*** $1,155
Infant Grave*** $420
Cremation Urn - niche or ground $210
***Canopy and chair setup included in price

(includes 10 chairs)
Saturday Service  $400
Interment/inurnment services rendered on Saturday's are subject to charges in addition
to the regular opening/closing fees.
Overtime Service  $125
(per one hour of increment of)  
If it is necessary for staff to be held after 3:00pm, an additional charge will be assessed.  
Administrative Fee $100 
(per transaction)  
To cover administrative costs associated with the Transfer of Ownership, Contract
Initiation, and Returning a Grave.
Annual Christmas Wreath  $40
Outer Container/Vault Fee  
A concrete container is required for casket lengths more than 48". The minimum
requirement is a cement dome. Containers may be purchased from any mortuary.  
The family may witness the lowering of the casket only if a 3rd party is contracted
to perform the lowering.

Monument Services

Monuments may be purchased through any monument company or mortuary. 

Cemetery staff completes all installations/foundations.
Monument/Plaque installations with or without vase
9" x 18" (infant) $175
12" x 24" (single) $230
12" x 30" (companion or single) $300
12" x 36" (side by side) $365
12" x 48" (side by side) $460
12" x 12" ash space $105
Urn Garden and Niche Plaques $90
Urn Garden and Niche Date Plates $40
Vase Installation  
To existing monument $100
Vase sleeve and insert* $60
Vase insert only* $25
Niche bronze vase* $85
Niche vase inserts* $30
 *sales tax included  
Miscellaneous Monument Services  
Monument Removal  $110
     12" x 24" and smaller, Plaques  
Monument Removal  $220
     12" x 30" and larger  
Disinterment (to exhume)  
Single Grave/Companion upper level  $1,630
Companion Grave, lower level  $1,995
     (if upper level is unoccupied)  
Companion Grave, lower level  $3,260
     (if upper level is occupied)  
Single Conversion to companion   $3,260
Infant Grave  $920
Cremation urn - niche or ground  $280
Miscellaneous Monument Services
Miscellaneous Monument Services
Miscellaneous Monument Services
Miscellaneous Monument Services