Film Mesa

20 E. Main St., Suite 700
Mesa, AZ 85201

Hours of Operation

M-Th 7am-6pm

Contact Information

Steve Wright

Looking for a film site? Look to Mesa, Arizona!  Mesa offers both feature and commercial film production companies a wide variety of locations--from pristine desert and mountain locales to upscale resorts, shopping, and dining spots--and everything in between.  We can assist with location scouting, connect you with experienced film crews and production companies, and act as liaison to coordinate arrangements with Police, Fire and other City services.  Just minutes from Phoenix and Scottsdale and an hour's flight from the Los Angeles/Hollywood area.

Let us know your unique specifications and allow us to find just the right site for you.

A partial list of features filmed in Mesa:
Stagecoach 1939 John Wayne
Used Cars 1980 Kurt Russell
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 1989 Keanu Reeves
Vegas Vacation 1997 Chevy Chase
Blue Collar Comedy Tour 2002 Jeff Foxworthy
Brave in the Attempt 2003 Special Olympics
Forget About It 2004 Burt Reynolds
The Kingdom 2006 Jaime Fox & Jennifer Garner


If your company is filming on private property in Mesa, please work directly with the property owner.

To film on property owned by the City of Mesa, such as parks, public rights-of-way, streets, City buildings and other public facilities operated by the City, please review the Permit Procedures [PDF] and complete the Permit Application and Worksheet [PDF].

Depending on the City-owned site, such as the Mesa Convention Center, recreation centers and other sites, there may be rental fees.

The City requires a certificate of insurance against liability naming the City of Mesa as additionally insured and held harmless for $1 million minimum coverage. The certificate can be faxed to 480-644-5582 or e-mailed to The certificate is filed with the City Attorney's Risk Management office.

If your filming is going to impact pedestrian or vehicular traffic, please contact the Mesa Police Department's off-duty hiring liaison at 480-644-2092. If temporary barricades are required, the names of local barricade companies can be provided.

The City also encourages production companies to inform nearby neighbors and businesses, prior to filming and especially if the filming may be disruptive.