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January 2019 Volunteers Needed!

MCC Revitalize The Rose Garden Event: Sign-up and event info here!

MLK Jr. Day Parade: Sign-up and event info here!

Point-In-Time Homeless Count: Sign-up and event info here!

Consider sharing your most precious gift with your neighbors- your time.  The City of Mesa offers many opportunities for residents to help build a better Mesa.  Volunteers are needed in our art center, libraries, museums, neighborhoods, parks, police, fire department, and many other areas.  You can click the button above to view our searchable volunteer website that will make it even easier for you to find opportunities to help your city.

Why Volunteer?

The City of Mesa provides a quality of work environment where volunteers are valued and respected for the role they play in contributing their time and talents. 

  • Because of your sense of commitment and pride for the community
  • To give back to the community
  • To accomplish work that is important in the community
  • Recognition
  • Receive on-the-job training
  • Develop skills in a municipal environment
  • Networking opportunities
  • Because you believe in the cause
  • Explore your strengths and use your skills and experiences to help others

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Questions or want to volunteer? Contact
Bethany Freeland
Citywide Volunteer Program Coordinator