2018 Building Code Adoption

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The City of Mesa has adopted the 2018 International Code Council (ICC) “family” of codes and the 2017 National Electric Code produced by the National Fire Protection Association. The 2018 Codes will be in effect February 10, 2019.  The proposed implementation process for existing construction permit applications and new applications is as follows:

  • The new codes take effect February 10, 2019.  The changes apply to applications submitted on or after February 10, 2019.  It does not affect permits for projects already submitted, in review, or under construction.
  • The City of Mesa will accept applications for projects designed to the 2018 codes prior to February 10, 2019 if the applicant chooses to use the new codes and the current local amendments.  The City will handle early requests through the code modification process.  Such code modification requests will have the fee waived. This is how the City has handled the transition during previous code adoption cycles.
  • Standard plans approved under the 2006 code will remain valid until February 10, 2020.
  • Standard plans approved under the 2006 code may be updated to the 2018 codes at any time if homebuilder identifies the changes necessary to comply with the 2018 codes.  Full plan sets will NOT be required. Builders will be able to submit an updated cover sheet for each of their currently approved 2006 standard plans.  The cover sheet will need to include reference to the 2018 codes along with an index, notes, and details identifying items that are being modified to comply with the 2018 code.
  • Custom home plans submitted on or after February 10, 2019 will need to comply with the 2018 codes. The differences between the 2006 and 2018 codes are minor and should not impose a delay.
  • A subdivision will not be treated as a whole during the code change.  Depending on the application dates, some houses may be under construction using the 2006 code while others will be under the 2018 code in the same subdivision.  If there is a specific problem complying with the 2018 code, the builder can offer an alternative method of compliance by going through the code modification process with a fee ($260).  The code modification request would have to show that the alternative method meets the intent of the 2018 code.    
  • Commercial projects currently under design using the 2006 codes that cannot be submitted prior to February 10, 2019 may file a code modification (no fee) to submit the project for approval using the 2006 code.  This will be allowed for projects submitted up to 90 days after the effective date of the new codes.  This will prevent submittal delays and increased costs due to redesigning for the 2018 code.
  • Permits approved under the 2006 codes that expire (no work within 180 days after issuance) will need to be updated to the 2018 codes prior to being renewed.
  • Adopted Codes (Click on links below to view City of Mesa Amendments):