Today, Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona, the 36th largest in the nation and covers an area of approximately 138 square miles. More recently, Mesa has started growing and evolving from a large bedroom community to a vibrant and modern city.  The City of Mesa wants to responsibly manage this growth and achieve its goal of creating a high quality, recognizable city with a strong sense of place.

The City of Mesa has created Quality Development Design Guidelines and will be implementing Zoning Ordinance text amendments that will promote quality development. 

What are the Quality Development Design Guidelines?

The Quality Development Design Guidelines are a collection of aspirational documents that will establish policy, emphasize high quality development, create a common vision for quality development in Mesa and promote innovation and flexibility for development projects. 

Quality Development Design Guidelines: 






To support the Quality Development Design Guidelines, amendments to the Zoning Ordinance will be proposed that establish baseline standards for quality development.


The proposed Zoning Ordinance text amendments are as follows:

Chapter 3:  Designation of Zoning Districts, Zoning Map, and Boundaries

Chapter 4:  Agricultural District

Chapter 5:  Residential Districts

Chapter 6:  Commercial and Mixed Use Districts

Chapter 7:  Employment Districts

Chapter 8:  Downtown Districts

Chapter 22:  Planned Area Development Overlay District

Chapter 30:  General Site Development Standards

Chapter 31:  Standards for Specific Uses and Activities

Chapter 33:  Landscaping

Chapter 69:  Site Plan Review

Chapter 86:  Use Types

Chapter 87:  Definitions

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