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Rebecca Begay

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Fax: 480-644-2584

250 E. First Ave., Suite 222
PO Box 1466
Mesa, AZ 85211

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M-Th 7am-6pm


This web site is for information purposes only. The prosecutor’s office represents the State of Arizona and does not provide legal advice for residents, nor can it refer residents to private attorneys.

We are committed to ensure that crime victims are notified and supported throughout the criminal justice process.

To increase awareness of rights and services

 Face masks are required when entering the Court building

Victim Services may provide a mask if you do not have one (while supplies last)

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The Mesa City Prosecutor’s Office, Victim Services provides mandated notifications and court-related services to victims of misdemeanor crimes filed in the Mesa Municipal Court.

Assistance is available in Spanish

We Provide the Following Services:

  • Update victims with case status information and court dates
  • Provide information about Arizona Constitutional Rights as a Victim
  • Assist in invoking rights
  • Educate victims on the procedures of the criminal justice system
  • Act as a liaison between the victim and the prosecutor
  • Assist with Victim related paperwork
  • Provide escorts to court proceedings
  • Assist with obtaining orders of protection and injunctions against
  • Provide information, referrals and connections to community resources
  • Offer domestic violence information and safety planning

Civil Rights

The City of Mesa does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, income status, sex, age or disability in the delivery of services. The Mesa Prosecutor's Office is committed to making services accessible.  Please contact Victim Services for an accommodation or translation service. For more information or how to file a complaint, contact the City of Mesa Title VI Coordinator at 480-644-5034 or view the Civil Rights Protection page.


Victim Services Assistants can only provide limited information about the facts and details of the case. For additional information or to discuss the facts of the case, request to speak with the prosecutor.


Communication between Victim Services Assistants and the victim will automatically be shared with the prosecutor. Victims must notify the Victim Services Assistant if they want any of the communication to remain confidential.

Restitution requests and Victim Impact Statements are provided automatically to the prosecutor and the judge. These forms may also be provided to the defendant and/or the defense attorney upon request. Victim’s personal information is redacted according to statute.