Civil Traffic Violations

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If the charge filed against you is a criminal traffic violation or a misdemeanor, you MUST appear in Court on the date and time specified on the traffic citation or complaint.

Civil traffic cases can be resolved prior to the appearance date on your complaint by one of the three following ways:

Options for Resolving Civil Traffic Violations:

[Option #1Successfully complete a Defensive Driving Class - Once you complete the class, the charge will be dismissed and no points will be placed on your driving record.

[Option #2Pay the fine - You waive your right to a hearing, you plead responsible and pay the sanction.  By doing this you won't need to appear in court.

[Option #3Request a hearing - You request a hearing, which is like a trial.  You may bring witnesses and present your case before a judge.  If you are found responsible, you lose the option of going to the Defensive Driving Class (Option #1).

*For a violation of ARS 28-645A3A or 28-647.1 (Red Light), if you plead or are found responsible you will be required by MVD to attend Traffic Survival School.  Anyone under the age of 18 will be required to attend for any moving or red light violation.  If you are eligible and complete a Defensive Driving class, you will not be required to attend the MVD Traffic Survival School.

C.A.P.P.  Children are Priceless Passengers