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The City of Mesa has contracted with a third party administrator (TPA) Delta Dental of Arizona, to deliver our dental benefit program including coverage, verification, claims processing, appeals process and pre-estimation of benefits.  Members may contact Delta Dental customer service, Monday through Thursday, 730am to 5pm MST; Friday, 730am through 430pm MST (except holidays) or visit the member portal at any time.

Dental Contact Information/Claims Address:

 Dental Plan administered by: Delta Dental of Arizona
 Address: PO BOX 43026, Phoenix, AZ 85080-3026
 Dental PPO Network: Delta Dental PPO Network and the extended Delta Dental Premier Network
 Group Number: 04760
 Customer Service Number: 1.602.588.3981

City of Mesa Dental Plan Highlights:

Members may choose among three different dental plans depending upon their needs. On any of the three plans, you may choose any licensed dental care provider.

Dental Features Preventive Choice Plan Dental Choice Plan Dental Choice Plus Plan
 Annual Deductible

                     • No deductible for preventive and diagnostic services
                             • $50 deductible per individual on basic and major services
• Family deductible will not exceed $150

 Preventive (Plan Pays) 100%
 Basic (Plan Pays) 80%
 Major (Plan Pays) Not Covered 80% after deductible
 Orthodontia (Plan Pays)  Not Covered

80% up to $1,500 per year;
$3,000 lifetime

Orthodontic services are paid in two installments – upon initial banding and one year after.
You must be enrolled in the Premium Plus Plan in order to receive both payments

 Annual Max $1,000 per person  $2,000 per person $2,300 per person

Dental Plan Monthly Premiums:

Below are the monthly Active employee contribution amounts for the Dental Plan coverage.

 Tier Preventive Choice Plan Dental Choice Plan Dental Choice Plus Plan
 Employee Only $0.00 $9.50 $24.50
 Family $6.00 $34.00 $114.00


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  • How do I find out if my dentist is in or out-of-network?
  • So what if the online directory shows my dentist is in both the PPO and Premier Network…what happens then?
  • Is there a way I can know if a dental procedure is covered under my Plan and if so, pre-determine my out of pocket cost under our Plan?
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