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Right of Way Management Group

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The City of Mesa Right of Way Management Group manages construction activity within the public rights-of-way (ROW).  This primarily includes regulating the activities of utility companies and wireless carriers that maintain infrastructure within and adjacent to the City’s roadway. Through permitting and coordination, the ROW Group ensures construction activities are coordinated, impacts are mitigated to reduce public inconvenience, streets are repaired properly, and all regulations are enforced appropriately.  The City encourages new development, while at the same time protecting the integrity of our public rights-of-way and making optimal utilization of space available for all users.

Definition of Rights-of-Way (ROW):

The ROW is land owned and/or managed by the City that is designated for public use and access.  ROW typically includes the street surface, sidewalks, and landscaped areas between pavement and property lines.  The boundaries of the ROW will vary at any given location.  ROW locations can be found using the Maricopa County Interactive Parcel Maps/PlanNet    

General Information: 

ROW users are encouraged to be familiar with the following regulations and standards governing the public ROW (1) the Mesa City Code, (2) the Uniform Standard Specifications and Details for Public Works Construction sponsored and distributed by the Maricopa Association of Governments (“MAG”) as amended, (3) Mesa’s Engineering and Design Standards, (4) Mesa’s Approved Product List and Technical Specifications, National Electric Code (NEC), (5) National Electric Safety Code (NESC), (6) OSHA regulations, (7) FCC Radio Frequency Exposure Guidelines (FCC OET Bulletin 65), (8) IEEE C95.1 2005 Standards, and all other applicable laws and regulations. 

Licensing and other requirements: 

All telecommunications providers who desire to construct, install, operate, or maintain telecommunications facilities in the public rights-of-way or public utility easements must first obtain a Communication License from the City.  Mesa City Code Chapter 14 provides additional information - Mesa City Code.

Cable television and telecommunications providers who provide cable television services, programs or signals must obtain a Uniform Video Service License Agreement from the City.  Mesa City Code applicable to video service can be found in Title 9, Chapter 7.  

To begin the licensing/franchising process, complete the “General Communication, Cable, and/or Wireless License or Franchise Application” and submit the required documents to the City’s Right of Way Manager, Lori Greco at or mail to PO Box 1466, Mesa, Arizona 85211-1466.  

Fees and Charges

The City of Mesa Schedule of Fees and Charges sets the cost for any activity or service governed by this Section, including small wireless facilities - Fees and Charges.   

Utility (formally known as Non-City Utility) permits 

In order to ensure public safety and mobility, activities in the public ROW must be permitted per Mesa City Code.  A permit is used to grant permission to an applicant to work in the public ROW under certain conditions, standards, fees, and regulations.  

Permits are processed through the City’s online permitting system - Utility (UTL) permit to work in ROW. DIMES help is listed under “Engineering.” 

Construction Notice information is processed using the City's online permitting system DIMES - Utility (EMS Construction Notice) to work in ROW.

Small Wireless Facilities (SWF)  

The purpose of this section is to provide guidance on the permitting, placement, spacing, construction, installation and maintenance of SWF, Utility Poles, Monopoles and Wireless Support Structures in the City’s ROW as defined by A.R.S. § 9-591, et seq., and recognized in the “Small Wireless Facility Terms and Conditions” document.  This section is a supplement to the Terms and Conditions document.  SWF on Mesa Electric poles or equipment require a separate wireless license.  Read more about SWF installations.

SWF Resources  

This map allows wireless carriers to view Mesa street light locations, streetlight addresses, and pole types to comply with the Small Wireless Facilities (SWF) Terms and Conditions and City Standards.  Additionally, this map will show for which locations wireless carriers have expressed exploratory interest.  To comply with the submittal requirements set forth in the Standards, the map shows the Interference Sensitivity Zones (ITZ) for further testing.

City of Mesa disclaimer:  Maps will be updated and refreshed on a monthly basis and should not be considered “real-time” data.  Moreover, maps are for informational purposes and the City of Mesa makes no claims concerning the accuracy of the maps nor assumes any liability resulting from the use of the information herein. 

City Conduit Use 

The expense of constructing network infrastructure is one of the major considerations for companies who wish to expand their services to homes and businesses.  The City offers existing “in-place” City conduit and repurposed pipe at a reasonable rental rate.  

Utility Coordination Resources

General Resources

 If you have any questions regarding ROW, Licensing/Franchising Agreements, Small Wireless Facilities or City Conduit Use, please contact Lori Greco the City of Mesa Right of Way Manager at 480-644-2503 or