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For Questions regarding charges on your Maricopa County property tax bill for Eastmark Assessment Areas and Eastmark CFDs, email or call 480-644-2389.

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City of Mesa CFD

The City of Mesa currently has three Community Facilities Districts, Eastmark CFD No. 1, Eastmark CFD No. 2 and Cadence, all located in zip code 85212.

What is a Community Facility District?

The Eastmark and Cadence Community Facility Districts (CFDs) were formed at the request of the property developers through the City of Mesa as a means of obtaining community funding for property development. Funding is used for building parks, roadways, sewer, water storm drain, signage, street light, landscape and related improvements. Bonds are issued and assessed to the property owners within a CFD.

Public Notices

*See event listing for Eastmark Public Meetings

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  • What do the Eastmark CFD No. 1 and Cadence CFDs mean for my property?

  • What are these CFD charges on my property tax bill?

  • How much is the Eastmark CFD No. 1 property tax and how is it calculated?

  • How much is the Eastmark Special Assessment each year?

  • What are the tax rates?

  • How do I pay for the Assessment Area charge and/or the CFD charge on my property tax bill?

  • Can I pay off the entire assessment amount early?

  • What happens if I sell or refinance my property?

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Additional Questions?

If your question is not addressed here, or you need further clarification, please email or call 480-644-2389.

CFD Searchable Databases

  • Legislation (search: Eastmark or Cadence, All Years, All Types. Also Search Pacific Proving for additional Cadence information)
  • Meeting Minutes (search: All Years, for the respective board, either Eastmark or Cadence)
  • Vendor Payments

Eastmark Information

Cadence Information